Elon Musk Invested $1.5B In Bitcoin, You Should Invest As Well

Not up to two weeks ago, I answered the question is too late to buy bitcoin in this article. Then Bitcoin was trading at $30,000. Today it is trading that $42k after the news that Tesla (Elon Musk) invested $1.5B in Bitcoin already.

As I noted in the tweet below, great assets are never too expensive to buy. If they become too expensive to buy, they are probably not great. Their nature is that they will always increase in price and because a lot of getting to know them around that time when they break a new all-time high, newbies tend to think they are now too expensive.

Bitcoin was at around $10k when someone told me it was too expensive and I shouldn’t look into it.

Again, it is not too expensive. Just allocate enough of your capital to have exposure to it.

Why should you have exposure to it?

If for no other reason, you should because the worlds smartest are putting their bet on it. Yes, that’s enough reason to be exposed. Don’t be too smart in your eyes.

Beyond that though, Bitcoin represents another step forward in human progress, and like I’ve always noted, it is a lack of wisdom to bet against human progress. Human progress is inevitable. If you can’t lead it at least invest in to benefit from it.

That’s it for this article.