There Is Wisdom In Investing With Risevest

Last year was the year a lot of us were first introduced to stock market investing. It was an awesome and advantageous year for those who invested as much as a little of their money.

It was a bull market where the price of almost everything is increasing. We were all smart and made good money. On Twitter, I see a lot posting some 100% gain on some individual stock. In my opinion, there’s no better time to be introduced to the market.

Beyond the gain from the stock market, converting your money to dollars alone is enough to make you about 30% ROI. That’s because Naira lost that much in value from last year.

Amid this endless opportunity to make money from investing, I had people messaging me about how they bought a stock and lost 30% or more of their capital. I felt bad for them and wished they didn’t lose the money but they did already.

So a bull market, a lot of people making money and some even losing money. Why should you then give up buying stocks yourself and subscribe to a Risevest plan?

PS: I am an independent writer and I’ve not been paid to write this.

The extra work may not worth it

Risevest’s ROI in 2020 was 41%. Yes, a whopping 41%. The implication of that is, without doing any extra work, without investing any extra hour to research, without spending the time for rest on your broker’s app, you could have conveniently made 41% ROI in 2020.

But is the extra work that you did worth it? Two things will help you answer that question correctly.

One, what ROI did you make on your portfolio last year? I’m not talking about ROI on an individual stock but on every stock that you bought (and probably sold) during the year. If that ROI is not up to 40% you may need to reconsider if you are good with what you are doing now or you would like to do something new. Let Risevest which is freely available to you be a benchmark. Also, while considering that, remember not to take for skill what is pure luck.

Two, if your goal of investing is beyond the return you make, then you may be fine. Even if you do not make up to the Risevest’s benchmark. I know this because 2017 when I started investing, my goal was beyond the money made. It included the education that comes with it, the emotion, the intellect, the mistakes and the wins. All added to me and have made me better today.

Otherwise, if all you are interested in is to focus on your work, and not have to disturb yourself about which stock to buy and which to sell, then going with a product like Risevest will be a great option.

Risvest ROI in context

It is not enough to use one year to judge Risevest as well and past performance is no way a guarantee of future performance. However, because they are an asset management company with a defined investment they may have a hedge over you. Also, unlike you, that is their day to day work. It is not justled with something else.

Yes, I cannot give them the pass mark just on one year’s performance. However, I am giving them merit based on the fact that they have a defined process, and it is their primary responsibility to make your money work for you. In order words, I can trust them enough to work to the best of their ability to make my money work for me while I focus on my primary which I enjoy or that is taking a lot from me already.

If you like ease and you don’t want to bother with which stock is trending or which is not, you may choose them and watch your money grow with them.