Your Wealth Door – Risevest, Bamboo and Trove

There is a story I enjoy telling everyone who cares to listen. It’s about my experience when I first invested in the stock market. Don’t worry I won’t tell you about it here. But if you wish to read it, please check it out here.

I chose to bring the memory of that story to life again because it’s relevant for this article, to show you that everyone has a beginning and the days of baby steps. Wealth is an eternally relevant topic to me. People used to say “I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and I know which one to go with.” Unfortunately, I’ve only tasted one end of the spectrum in full, poverty, and I know it is not meant for anyone. So I am currently journeying to the end of the other spectrum, wealth.

As I journey, I want to keep on writing about my experiences and tools that are helping me. So today, I bring you the door to wealth. They are doors not key. Key would imply your action. You aren’t going to get wealthy by knowing alone, you get wealthy by acting on your knowledge.

What do the 3 names above have in common?

The 3 platforms allow you to invest in US-based assets all from Nigeria. Let me tell you the implication of that. It means you have the opportunity to participate in global prosperity and invest in assets that have birthed a lot of millionaires over centuries. That’s not just all, there is virtually no financially wealthy individual that I know of that is not invested in the stock market.

The US stock market is significant because it’s home of innovation and the most prosperous companies are located there. It means you can also invest in each of these massively successful companies and share in the global wealth.

Take is three companies for example:




The 3 platforms (Rise, Trove and Bamboo) offer you unfiltered access to invest in these companies. The minimum amount to also begin your investment journey with is so very low. Just $10 or less.

How are they different then?

Risevest – is unique among the 3 in that it helps you select what specific asset to invest in. I showed 3 companies above that have performed so well but I must you there are numerous who have performed woefully as well. Knowing which one to invest in and which to not invest in is not a task for the uninitiated and even for the initiated, it can be time-consuming. In light of this, Risevest takes your money from you and invests it in a basket of stocks that are expected to bring positive returns yearly.

Beyond the companies listed on the stock market, Risevest also allows you to invest in Real Estate business in the US and Fixed Income assets. The opportunities are endless. So you could just take your 100 dollars and put some of it in the stock market, some in real estate and the remaining in fixed income and watch your money grow just as others of the centuries have.

Trove and Bamboo – unlike Risevest, both platforms allow you to invest directly in a company of your choice. That where they differ. You think Tesla will do great in the coming years or you Microsoft will be a good investment, then open your account and make an immediate purchase of these companies. Of course, it is expected that you would have done your research before you do this, else you may get your hands burnt and record loss. Thread carefully.

Personally, I believe my generation which is yours as well is extremely blessed to have been privy to this opportunity. I remember when I was young during the 2007 – 08 stock market boom before the eventual crash. I was walking down the street with my mama and she was telling me she wished she had the money to invest in stocks then so that 10 years or more later when I am grown I would have something to my name. Unfortunately, she couldn’t buy it because she does not have the money and because the barrier to buy was high. Now, with just 4 taps on your mobile phone, you can not only buy Nigeria stocks, but you can also buy the stocks of the best companies in the world. If that’s not extremely blessed, you tell me what it is.

Utilize these opportunities as I am also doing and let’s journey together to the wealth spectrum away from poverty.